Newtown Square, Pa

What is Newtown Square, Pa?


AKA The Scurrr... founded in 1692, a primarily Italian/Irish outskirt of Philadelphia, PA... Located 5 miles from the West Philadelphia border and 7 miles from the infamous 69th Street. Home to Marple-Newtown High School. Nice area on the decline due to western movement and expandation from Philadelphia, Upper Darby, Havertown, and Broomall. West portion of "Broomtown Square". Bordered by Media, Broomall and Edgmont. Originally farmland, now looks like it might as well be part of west philly.

Population: 46,000

Area: Approx. 10 Square miles

Average Annual Income: $37,000

Grew up in West Philly, moved to the newtown square, pa wit my bulls.

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A fucked up town that no one likes. BROOMALL ROCKS! GO B-MALLERS!

N-Square: I live in Newtown Square, PA.

B-Maller: No one likes you bitch!

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