What is Niggese?



A low gutter form of the idiomatic language called Ebonicsbut riddled with even more grotesque spelling errors. The idea behind the idiom is to "stick it to the whitey" apparently by sounding like a complete retard.

In their quest for trying to sound hip, cool and different, they instead come across like Stepin' Fetchit from the 1930''s or JarJar Binks, denigerate themselves and do the people a great disservice. Whoever came up with the idea that sounding like brain-damaged, school drop-out loser was a good thing should have been dragged into the streets screaming and beaten to death in front of their kids.

Typically used by dumb idle-rich suburban white kids to indicate association with the poor inner city black sub-culture but instead makes the user appear drugged-up and uneducated. Expressions of Niggese include 'wif', 'nigguh', 'Azn', 'dogg','thuggz' and 'biatch'.

See also falsetto cool,rapper, eminem,wigger

Johnny got hit on the head with 20 pounds of falling concrete and he went from speaking English to Niggese in one night.

See Dan


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