What is Nigget?


Everyone should know what a nigget is. A cross between two words. Midget and Nigger.

Emily: Did you see that Nigget driving?

Alex: Of corse I didn't, not only was it dark, his head dosesn't reach above the steering wheel.

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a little black midget.

hey, did you see that nigget back there?

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a nigget is cross between a midget and a nigger.. so this means that the person is dark skinned and short(dwarfism)

Marc:Look!! at him hes a nigget

Jake:wow that niggets good at basketball.

Marc:yea for being so short

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A nigger who is a bigot, meaning he or she is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles or identities differing from their own.

Jimmy is preasured to steal by a black friend, Rodney:

"Yo shove that old E in your jacket, my pockets are already full of blunt wraps and chocolate bars, and i wanna get fucked up tonight!" says Rodney.

"No, you know I'm not down with robbin' shit" says Jimmy.

"You're a pussy" says Rodney.

"Don't be a Nigget" says Jimmy.

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This word is used to describe urban men who are considered to be wimpy or in another word "Bitch Niggerz". Nigget can also be used to describe a woman.

This word was first used in 1999 by East London's MC Seyi (From A.S.K) to describe a man he had a disagrement with. This word had been used ever since, from the estate of kingmead, Hackney to the projects of brocklyn New york. This word is now often used by well known rappers such as Lll' John.

"Blood, im gonna shank that nigget when i see him"

"niggetz aint shit"

ladies and gentleman = "Niggerz and Niggetz"


Used to describe an object so hot it's about to ignite. Can also be used to complement an atractive person.

"That oil tank is nigget."

"Hey mate! Check that girl at the bar. She's totally nigget!"

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A fool, an idiot, a cowered

Wyille is as stupid Nigget that every one hates


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