What is Niggle?


To screw someone or weasle your way into something. Especially used while playing classic multiplayer video games.

Dude, you niggled me in Mario Kart.

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niggle nig-gull

1. noun Member of the African American Race who is less than 3 months of age,

2. verb To take a part of something in a small quantity.

Nelson: Can I niggle(2) some of that hot chocolate?

Nazif: No. You always niggle(2) too much you little niggle(1).

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its when you wiggle your ballsin someones face

yeah man last night joes mom wanted me to niggle in her face.

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1. V. To fondleone's own, or a parter's:

- Genitalsfor men

- Breastsfor women

2. N. The act of fondlingone's own, or a parter's:

- Genitalsfor men

- Breastsfor women

"I came home last night in such a good mood that I ended up having a niggle for hours"

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The sound a nigger makes when he/she laughs; similar to a giggle only a more primitive laugh like one of a monkey or baboon.

Tyrone niggled with joy when he saw that KFC had the 20-piece on sale. Much to his dismay though his welfare check hadn't come in, leaving him with an empty wallet and stomach as usual.

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It's British slang for nagging someone....

Lizzie didn't have much to say, considering no one was talking to her. It wasn't a bad thing, yet she liked listening to a conversation. Not wanting to NIGGLE her way back into the conversation, she said, "So, why did you come up here?

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A peanut-butter filled pretzel snack.

I love niggle's insides... so creamy and delicious.

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