What is Nigglet?


The spawn (offspring) of a black person.

"Damn, Kmart is full of nigglets."


Funny looking african american childeren around a toddelers age. Usualy having an awkwardly large head and walking off-balance.

Awww, look at that little nigglet over there.


racial slur meaning "baby nigger."

look at the nigglet crawling on the sidewalk.

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A derogatory term toward a small or young person of the African race.

Wow Gary Coleman is such a little nigglet.


A term used often to name the young of African Americans.

Commonly mistaken for poop, they are actual people, who are pretty darn cool. As long as they don't jack my bike and or car, i'll let them live in my nieghborhood.

There sure is alot of nigglets in this neighborhood. Lock your car.

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The inbred monkey spawn of a nigger. Niggers are royal rectum ripping rapists. They are wandering goober nut suck fakers who fuck everything that exists. Their only concern is for the pleasurable placement of their penile piss weasel. Nigglets are exactly the same as their crack addicted counterparts except they are smaller and lack the monstrous mushroom headed meat popsicle between their legs which the full grown niggers use to vandalize virgins with vinerial viruses and vindicate their vendetta against all cultural progress whatsoever.

That subhuman Nigglet just goat fucked my whole household and he is only 13. Im going to bust my cock out and bitch slap his little monkey ass until he picks enuf cotton to make shirts for every little naked slanty eyed automathlete in the whole of chink land.

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A little black person.

Wow look at that little nigglet

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