What is Nightfighter?


An ugly girl you picked up and had sex with but has to leave before the sun comes up.

i picked up a nightfighter last night but she had to go before the sun came up because she only had one leg and no teeth...

true story!!

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A one night stand with an UGLY girl because you couldn't get laid by the hot chick who left you and the bar with a hard on.

These would be women like Sandra Bernhard, Frances Conroy, Macy Gray, and Alek Wek

I showed my buddy a picture of my nightfighter and he tossed his cookies.

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This term refers to darkies being exceptionally good at kicking ass during a new moon, obviously because it's dark and you can't see 'em unless they smile...

"You call sports teams things like the Braves and the Blackhawks, why don't we name one after all you darkies and call it the Nightfighters?"


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