Ninja Smoke

What is Ninja Smoke?


To dissappear or leave with out being noticed. Taken from the myth of Ninjas using smoke to dissappear. Used as either a noun or verb.

Will: Where did Laura go?

Rich: She totally ninja smoked outta this place. I never saw her leave nor did she say bye. Just the scent of smoke and some disorientation as she departed

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To fart into your hand and hold it there. Then take the hand of fart air and throw it at your friend at close range while yelling "NINJA SMOKE!"

Ray just ninja smoked me on the way to class. It smelled like rank moose anus!

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To smoke and leave undetected in an otherwise public or non-smoking area.

"I ninja smoked some weed in the McDonald's bathroom, bought a Big Mac, and left."

"I had a cigarette in the library the other day, crouching behind the children's books."

"We ninja smoked a bowl behind the supermarket just before someone took out the trash."

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