What is Ninjirate?


A person who has systematically linked the cultures of both Ninjas and Pirates into one. The resultant person who has done this is able to climb the awkwardest buildings or structures, and is able to steal from most anything or anyone without anyone noticing. An example would be stealing from a vending machine or taking the pants right off of someone. A ninjirate also has the balance of a cat and monkey combined (or Cankey). They are able to catch themselves if the slight chance happens that they begin to fall, preventing themselves from racking themselves. The resulting factor of a Ninjirate's life is a swashbuckling, smoke-bombing, dual sword wielding adventure. They can easily twilr swords and are not hurt when the grab the blade.

The spelling of this word, however, is often misspelled. Often confused as being written as Ningirate, Ningirate is not the correct spelling of the word.

Aaron is such a Ninjirate.

That Ninjirate just crossed that lava pit on fishing line.

That Ninjirate just stole that soda right out of that vending machine.

See ninjirate, swashbuckling


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