What is Niyfd?


Not In Your F*cking Dreams.

Describes an overly affectionate male or female that creates an explosive relationship with you in less than 3 months. Leads you on and will eventually break your heart.

Misleads the human brain into believing a mature relationship is underway.

"NIYFD" implies "Nifty", meaning "quick love" was common baack then, but you're out of your mind if you think it's gonna happen to you.

Girl 1: I love you so much Baby, you are wonderful and you soul is so beautiful, I'm so glad I met you. I'm so proud of you and everything you do!

Girl 2: So how long ya'll been together.

Girl 1: 2 months

Girl 2: You are SO a NIYFD.

Girl 1: he's so wonderful and beautiful and tells me he loves me everyday, he's so perfect!

Girl 2: After 1 month?! I know you care, but dude you gotta get rid of him, he's a NIYFD, he'll break your heart.

See bitch, asshole, loser, heartbreaker, homewrecker


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