What is Nob?


A derogatory term for an individual or slang for a penis. Can also be used as a verb as slang for sexual intercourse.

1. That guy is such a nob!

2. Did you here, Bob nobbed that girl last night?


British slang term for the penis. Typically used as an excellent cheap insult. Used in jest (above "moron", just below "twat", and well below "cunt"), or used to describe someone who is doing something you think is annoying or a bit crap.

Scenario 1: one of your friends walks into the room and throws an apple at you. You reply: "Don't be a nob."

Scenario 2: your aging boss thinks he has broken his laptop because the battery ran out. You say: "Hah. He's such a nob."

Scenario 3: you have gonorrhoea, and it's making your nob hurt.

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cock, penis, dick, willy, trouser snake, schlong, prick, wang, dong

"slob on my nob, bitch"


The incorrect way of spelling "knob", meaning:

1) penis

2) noun used to describe an idiot or dickhead

3) verb "to knob" meaning to fuck

"That knob didn't seem to realise there's a silent K in there!"

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Derogatory word for the male sexual organ aka penis.

Tom has got a small nob. He likes to stick his small nob into Dale regularly


A total idiot/ someone stupid

Sarah : OMG rae ur such a nob

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to suck, lick, and bite on a man's penis (aka oral sex)

his warm, erect penis slid straight into my mouth; and as i sucked faster and faster he began to cum in my mouth. i happily swallowed it and continued sucking. (i gave him nob or i was nobbing him)

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