Nocturnal Economy

What is Nocturnal Economy?


n. An economic strategy for large cities that have surpassed normal daytime capacities.

To resolve this a complete flip-side to business is created during the nighttime hours.

Although limited in scope compared to normal daytime lifestyles, enough business are kept open 24 hours a day in diverse sectors to provide enough economic structure to support an alternative section of the city who primarily functions during 10pm to 6am.

This is a very useful way for cities to share resources and optimize things like production, energy resources, transit, etc.

Advantages are possible lower crime rates from an influx of nighttime traffic.

Disadvantages include the clashing day and nighttime citizens lifestyles.

- DowntownJ

I can't wait until cities are so big that they have to start up a Nocturnal Economy just so that they can better manage rising populations and stressed resources.

- DowntownJ

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