What is Nomover?


The result of extreme and/or power (fast) nomming.

Main symptoms include nausea, immobility and fatigue.

It can be the cause of the phrase, "i'm never going to eat again," which is then often ignored after a good nights sleep, where the noms begin again.

Typical foodstuffs consumed are easy to prepare and eat foods such as pasta, chips, cookies, chocolate, eggs and pizza. Ready meals are a great option, but they give you cancer, so STAY AWAY. Beverages can also contribute to a nomover.

Derived from the word hangover.

1: Amie: "SHIT, i just ate four main course meals, and then had dessert, and i have a serious nomover"

Beamuh: " Dayumm, that sounds harsh, but RESPECT for nomming so much"

2: Alice: "I just ate TWO bowls of pasta, I wanna go for another, but I feel a serious nomover coming on."

See nom, noms, nomming, hangover, nommage


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