What is Nonline?


Something that happens in the "real world" not on the internet.

34-year old D&D fan Garry got his first nonline girlfriend this week.

The worst thing about nonline shopping is the queues.

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The opposite of being "online".

"My mom is so technologically challenged, she is always nonline"

"Stop living on your computer, work on your nonline life!"

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After all of our regular websites that used to be good started going downhill (theonion, somethingawful, etc) my friends and I started going "on strike" against the internet. Of course it's impossible to live life without the internet completely these days, so we began to say we were nonline, meaning that we were able to shop and research on the internet, and yet not regularly visiting once amusing websites that many people frequent

guy "did you read that article on the onion?"

me "no, I'm nonline right now"

guy "but I'm chatting with you on MSN right at this very instant..."

me "nonline."

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