What is Noobville?


A fictional town in which all of the worlds noobs come from and are blissful with ignorance about their noobery, (noobish and/or noobful ways).

Ex 1)

Man 1: Hey Babaganoush...that was my coin you just picked up!

Noob: ...huh?

Man 1: *sigh* What's the weather like in Noobville anyways?

Ex 2)

Noob 1: Man we are so awesome, Noobville rawks!

Noob 2: Yeah I know, I feel bad for the rest of the world who doesn't get to live here.

(Both noobs exit to go play Dungeons and Dragons and have their moms make them a snack)

See noob, noobery, pwn, loser, newb


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