What is Nora?


The exact Origins of this name is unclear, some say its a derivative of the word honor, or Honora. But the popular beleif is that it comes from the Hebraic/Arabic word Noour or "Light", correctly tranlated in means Bright Light.

Also used to describe women of great Beauty, beautiful babies are often named nora as they beleived that the name would give the baby good luck.

Some Scholars say that Nora also means "the enlightned one", "the Beautiful one" and also "the wise one".

in high society most women are named Nora, because the name entitles Nobility, Beauty, Light, Grace and Wit.

What a gift it is to be named under such a glorious name.

David : "Never have i seen beauty such as Nora's"

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Hot, fun girl who's great to be around. Easily makes friends but if you're mean to her or her friends she's a complete bitch to get back at you and knows what she's doing.

Great kisser and takes things fast so can be a bit of a whore at some times but you won't regret being with her.

"Dude check that girl out!"

"Damnn man! Wanna go find out if she's a Nora?"

"Well we know she's hot, let's see what else she can do!"

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a teenaged girl who likes to tackle small children and eat tons of food constantly.

marcus- damnit i hate when shes over at my house! she tackled my little brother and ate all of our food....

jim- hah what a nora

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A one night stand so ugly that you would rather gnaw your arm off in the morning than wake them.

She was a nora bro

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It is derrived from the New Zealand Colony of "Danz"

The Translation into the native language is "Nohara"

In english meaning

"One who has just recently taken the first steps into womanship"

This is usually done by the woman being pregnant, or a seed being planted in them, from a person in the "Danz" Maori tribe. Unfortunately, lots of these people were struck with STD's, such as "syphilis" and non-STD's like leprosy. After possibly 500 years, both tribes of "Nora" (Nohara)

And Danz (translation; helms.) died.

From many STD's. It is the only known case of New Zealand tribe dying from STD's.

The Nora'n tribe was popped by danz


Nohara Urgam Flordai cherry popido helms.

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A shy and unlovable girl who worships darkness and cats.

Look at that Nora in the corner of the room doing something, oh its a cat.

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