North Side Kings

What is North Side Kings?


A name not worthy of mentioning. Boasts about one lucky swing, as if it could ever be repeated. A fat-slob piece of shit that will probably die of a heart attack the next time he pushes his tub-o-gut out of the way in search of his pencil dick. The only thing shorter than his fighting technique is the fame he got from it. Still, no one cares about the North Side Kings. Chump. No-name. Working construction in the desert. Gig-less. Moneyless. The only fans are family and friends. Lardass with a microphone. No one pays to see their shows, they don't get paid whether they play or not. Stick to rolling trusses you fatfuck.

The North Side Kings claim to have a fanbase but there is no record whatsoever of them EVER playing a show that has been publicly announced or attended. Keep jamming for your relatives you fatass.

You are immortalized only for the fact of being a loser. Good job, now go eat a few boxes of Hostess Cupcakes.


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