What is Norwell?


town in massachusetts were the gay ass superentendent give snow days once every 6 years

norwell's last snow day 2005

last snow doay before that 1999

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Also known as the 'Well, some of the hot spots in Norwell include McGreal's, 7-11, T.G.I. Friday's and of course the train station.

There is a wanksta from Norwell named Terry Smallcomb who likes to pretend that he is from the mean streets of Norwell. This is funny because he is extremely white, and likes to act like he's black.

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Home of the Tavern. While most people from the South Shore are pussies (::cough:: scituate, cohasset, hingham, hanover ::cough::) The Tavern Crew will beat the shit out of you. More weed is smoked in this town than any other in Massachusetts, and we have the state school suspension record to prove it. Also the town in which Norwell High School can be found... what a shit hole.

::bong rip::

Scituate Guy: Kids from Norwell blaze so many blunts!

Hingham Guy: So what, my parents are rich.

Cohasset Guy: My dick is in the Hingham Kid's ass right now...

Hanover Kid: ... Can I be next?


"the well"

A small town located in Massachusetts near Hanover, Scituate, Hingham etc. School sucks but high school is decent. The teachers suck realatively bad. There's always something going down over the weekend usually involving football games and parties which consist of a large amount of booze and weed. Three words used too much: Legit, Grime, Lurk. Best week of the year is def spirit week. snow days = nonexistent. summers are spent partying, doing nothing, and jumping off the bridge. there are no secrets and you know absolutely everyone in the whole town.

You can say you hate living here, but you can't help but admit that somewhere, deep inside of you, is your love for norwell.

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A small town in mass. where it consists of:

Lax bros

Themed thursday

sloppy girls

AND lots of alcoholic pot heads. Parents provide all the money they have and they do not have to work for anything. They WILL be going to college and dont have to worry about paying. 99% of the people in Norwell High School is preppy. No secret is safe here...

jon oleary=biggest tool in norwell

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a small, random town in massachusetts where kids will never have to work for their money.its the biggest druggie town ever but would never admit it. not many people know of it so we say its the town next to scituate. its full of snobby parents and some snobby kids...and we did produce stiflers mom.

norwell is a really random town

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norwell is some random,small town that nobody knows of in massachusetts. its full of rich snobs who will never have to work. its full of drugs but would never admit it, but we did produce stifler's mom ya.

Nor what? NORWELL!

Norwell has an ugly highschool.


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