Not A Real Person

What is Not A Real Person?


Not A Real Person: (N)

1. Character of Society

2. One whose actions are so offbeat that they require one to ask “did he/ she really just do that?”

3. A person who one may see and instantly wonder how he/ she became they way he/ she is today.*

Note: Because of Definitions 1-3 above, we can conclude that Not A Real Person have roles in life designed for entertainment purposes.

Syn: out of control out of sight extraordinary screwy wack

Plu: Not Real People

Abbrev: Not Real

Ant: genuine fake serious real-life normal

Have you ever seen the witches? They are Not Real People.

The old woman with the Cruella de Vil hairstyle is Not A Real Person.

See character, society, humor, entertainment, fake people


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