Not Joke

What is Not Joke?


A phrase is said in sarcasm but is followeed by a sharp contrast with the phrase "NOT". This joke can be said either seriously or with obvious sarcasm. Often times the humor in the joke is in how obnoxious the "NOT" sounds. A 'not joke' is intended to put a person on the spot and embarrass him. It should be used when someone is really proud of something they've done. There is a pause between the statement and following "NOT". It was made popular by the movie Borat.

My 4 year old cousin was doing a puzzle. When he was done, he came up to me and said "look what I done mikey" I said "oh that's really impressize" 'pause' "NOT!!" He started crying and ran away. Needless to say it was hilarious and I laughed hysterically. My not joke worked perfectly.

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