Not The Daddy Dance

What is Not The Daddy Dance?


On the maury show, when a paternity test shows that the man being tested is not the father, and the woman runs off like a trick ass ho, this is the dance that the man does. The man usually does it with elaborate flourish, including but not limited to:

1. Asking female audience members for phone numbers.

2. High-fiving or pounding members of the audience.

3. Helping the janitors clean backstage in a fit of joy.

4. Cartwheels

Such dances increase in satisfaction when more people have been tested by the woman, and also in proportion to the percentage sure the woman is that he is the father (i.e. a woman who claims to be 100% sure that the man is the father will get a lesser dance than one who claims to be 1000% sure.)

Maury: "You are NOT the father!"

Trick ass ho: "Oh Lawd!" (runs offstage)

Not the daddy: "HELL YEAH! I TOLD YO ASS! TRIFLIN' ASS SKANK!" (Cartwheel leading into other elaborate moves in the not the daddy dance.

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