What is Nsf?



When your chequing account does not have enough money for the chequeholder to cash.

sorry, your cheque came back NSF.

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An ancient word, usually it is found in old cyrillic or aramaic texts acompanied by a simple drawing of a bovine form and/or swords. It is often used to refer to a group of people that are "more 1337 than you", or a series of deviant sexual perversions.

"You suck, we are NSF!"

"So I got some glue, ballpoint pens, and teacups together last night and NSF'ed your mom!"

See assrabbit


Non-Sexual Friendly way.

So, if you were saying goodbye to a friend you'd say:

See you tomorrow! Love ya NSF!

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national science foundation

NSF funded our grant for $329,500.00

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the cDc's Ninja Strike Force, that is, the Cult of the Dead Cow. A group of degenerate mentally disturbed but highly dangerous cyber criminals who try to deflect their own insecurities and lack of prowess augmented by their inherent drug abuse problems by causing unwanted damage on innocent peoples computers and businesses.

it is allegedly the nsf who organised the attack on ACME companies networks.

See Agent Orange


North Side Family.

"NSF" is a North Side gang majority of skin heads.

"NSF" is located in North Phoenix of Arizona.

"NSF" is full of white pride' ers and is known to not affiliate with anybody that is not of the Caucasian ethnicity.

"NSF" are not allies or affiliated with any Norteno's, they feel that is for pansie ass Mexicans.

"North Side White Pride"

"Damn fool, them NSF fools are hard."

"Hey Jose, essay, I don't think you wanna fuck them crazy skin head North Siders."

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The Northern Special Forces multi gaming clan, always full of shit and will most likely get naked for only 10 US or Canadia dollars.

"Tommy!!, what are you looking at? Is that a porn site? I'm telling mom!!"

"Shutup bitch, it's just the =|NSF|= website."

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