Nt Syndrome

What is Nt Syndrome?


Neurotypical syndrome is a very common mistake in brain-wiring. This mix-up can be easily spotted in the NT (person with NT syndrome) by watching out for these signs:

.preoccupation with social concerns.

.Delusions of superiority

.Assumption that their experience of the world is the only correct one

.Difficulty with solitude

.Intolerance of seemingly minor differences in others

.In groups, Inisistence on destructive/dysfunctional and even impossible rituals as a way of maintaing indenty of said group.

.Difficulty communicating directly

.Much higher incidence of lying than certain other groups

.Difficulty decing on whether to use eye-contact in the ALL form or in the NOTHING form.

.Over-exageration of emotions , body language, gestures, miming or spoken language

.Limited senses.

Tragicially, this could affect as many as 9265 out of every 10,000 indiviuals. NT syndrome is believed to be genetic in origin. However, there are many other theories, perhaps the most well-known being 'oven mothers'. There is no time to prevent NT syndrome as the signs are present either in infancy or in very early childhood.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for NT syndrome. However, many NTs have learned to compensate for their disabilites and are able to communicate with those on the Autistic Spectrum succesfully.

The discovery of NT syndrome, first in the U.K. and later on in the U.S has led to the start of numerous organisations dedicated to fighting NT syndrome, CANT is perhaps the best-known. However, DANT and FANT are among the lesser-known. Interestingly, when NTs are grouped together and hidden by the anymonisity of the internet, they tend to either spam or post vulagirity or both. If not, they can and sometimes do resort to other unsavoury methods of making a point.

Some believe NT syndrome is just an excuse so that parents do not have to deal with the consequences of the bad behaviour exhibited by their child/children.

Is it really possible to attack the Neurotypicality of a person without hurting the person themself, anymore than it is possible to hurt the 'maleness' of a boy, without hurting the boy himself?

Can't really think of an example for NT syndrome. Don't like the defintion? Tough! NTs are put on the same terms as aspies/auties. Think about that before you click the little thumbs down button.

See nt, aspie, autie


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