What is Nu-christianity?


Nu-Christianity is the revamp and reinterpretation of an old, tired religion.

Nu, or Neo-Christians practice the ideals of love, spirituality and forgivness.

The Nu-Christian way tends to disagree with the old testiment, nu-christians argue that the old testement does hold some key principles, but that most of it is either untrue, or so far from the original version of God's word that it is hardly worth regarding.

Nu-Christianity suggests that people should use their own thoughts and reasoning without taking the idea that truth can be Absolute.

This innevitably ends with chaos and destruction.

Nu-Christianity does not shun feminism, homo-sexual relationships, chauvenism or animal abuse, in the way that old Christianity did.

For example, up until recently women could not be ordained as priests in churches, the Catholic religion still practises this.

Also, homo-sexuals cannot be married in church.

Despite the principle that God has forseen 'man's (again anti-feminist) creation' and that everyone is created equally.

Nu-Christianity was set up to combat hippocricy, discrimination and mis-interpritation.

Nu-Christianity does away with useless tradition and rituals as they believe - these do not bring you closer to God.

They also believe that most, if not all, religious texts have been manipulated so that they are slanted towards a particular view stance and should not be taken literally.

'Oh, Rose! Have you heard of that new religion, Nu-Christianity?'

' Well, I wouldn't say it was a new religion. It's more of a clarification.'

See christianity, jesus


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