What is Nugget?


A person with no arms or legs.

The nugget spent her days rolling down the street.



the final product of the art known as "nuggeting". The nugget is a good way to humiliate your friends (or enemies) at school. The following steps should be followed when nuggeting:

1. Obtain the subject's backpack. Although seemingly simple, this step is one of the most difficult actions taken during the nuggeting process.

2. Carry the backpack (or have a recon specialist carry it for you) to a top secret location where the subject cannot see you (i.e. the back of the band room, gym, etc.)

3. Unzip the largest pocket of the backpack and remove all items from that pocket only.

4. Reach your hand into the bottom of the backpack and pull the inside out. After this step, the shoulder straps of the pack shoul be on the inside.

5. Replace all of the subject's belongings back into the flipped bag and zip the bag COMPLETELY. This step becomes increasingly difficult as the backpack has more crap in it; therefore i recommend nuggeting a bag with limited supplies in it. After the bag is zipped, the zipper-pull things should be on the inside of the bag and not visible.

6. You have created a nugget.

7. Put the nugget back where you originally took the pack and then get the hell out of there.

8. At the appropriate time (i.e. the end of a standard class period), watch from a safe distance as the subject returns to his backpack only to find it nuggetized. At this point, the subject has two options, they are as follows:

-. Unnugget his/her bag and proceed to his/her next class OR

-. Take the walk of shame. The walk of shame occurs when a nugget victim does not have sufficient time to unnugget his/her bag and must carry it through the halls to his/her next class. This is the preferred outcome of a nugget.

NOTES: It is essential that the nugget be performed quickly, as to minimize the chances of being caught in the middle of the act...nobody wants an unfinished nugget. It is also important to replace ALL belongings in the bag and to put the nugget back where you had found it. Godspeed.

Subject: Crap! I've been nuggeted!

Everybody Else: (Laughs)


a bud of marijuana (pot, weed, trees, etc.)

yo lets get some nugget and smoke it in a honey dutch.

See chris


Excellent quality pot. Really good grass. crystaly and bud shaped. Seedless, great smelling, and overall bangin weed!!

My boy smoked some nugget with me that got me high as an astronaut!!

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In Scotland, a nugget means "idiot" in it's purest term. You can use nugget in both an offensive and friendly context.

Offensive: "Whit u lookin at, ya fuckin nugget"

Friendly: "Aw, dinnae be a nugget man, lets gan get some drink"


a person with no arms or no legs

what's one thing a nugget can't do?

go upstairs.

what's one thing a nugget can do?

go downstairs.

See sarah


Slang term for the human head.

Cody - "Jordan's dad has the biggest nugget in town!"

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