What is Nuggle?


To snuggle with a loved one. Can be shortened to "nugs". Can also be modified. See "Dirty Nugs".

How bout some nugs.

When we get home later I want some dirty nugs.


Intimate experience between two lovers.

Sex,Fucking etc etc etc etc you can work it out.



The art of Napping, & Snuggling.

I'm tired babe, lets go nuggle.

See sleep, cuddle, snuggle, nap, nestle


An action that combines a snuggle and a nuzzle all in one, which is often used to show fondness and love.

Most often used in Text messages and instant messengers.

Jadedlove: *kisses* I love you

JDHS: *nuggles* I love you too.

See loving, movement, snuggle, nuzzle, love


A more adult term for a blanky or special blanket one sleeps with at night.

Jane was taking her nuggle and going to bed.

See blanket, blanky, comfy, tete


Brand of chocolate bar popular in St. Lucia; similar to an "Oh Henry" bar.

This Nuggle is awesome!


a play on muggle from harry potter, used to describe someone who is oblivious to the secret society of nuggas living amongst them.

“I wish the nuggles would just legalize it.”

See marijuana, nug, muggle, weed, pot


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