What is Nummy?



Mmmmm.. that cake was nummy!


Something that is delicious in a non-edible fashion, but can be compared to something that is edible.

"Your baby is nummy as vanilla (or chocolate, or even tapioca) puddin'!" OR "Look at that guy... I could just eat him up! ~Yeah, he's nummy."



something that smells or tastes good

mmm...that smells nummy!

the smell of blueberry muffins is nummy!

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A contented yummy. After all the food has been "yummied"

Mmmm. That hot fudge sundae was nummy


it means...

so yummy

it makes you numb to everything else

They Make me Nummy

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A throat soothing cocktail consisting of warmed vodka and dissolved cough drops.

1.5oz Stoli (piping hot) and 3 cherry Sucrets makes the best nummy ever.

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A beast word that Tigger says when he eats poop.

"That was nummy," Tigger said to Whinnie the Pooh

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