What is Nuss?


One ballin-ass playa dat can hit dem chickens all night long while tossin back a few 40s along the way. But still gettin his watch on for niggas comin up talkin shit. He stays wit his gat all da night.

Damn nuss, you one fly ass brotha.


A fly whitie that knows how to work his badonkadonkand has been known to throw back up to 1 1/2 beers at a time.

Get over here nuss, you gotsta be sharin dem hoes.


to nurse a baby or comfort an unhappy baby, We thing it is short for nurse. It is a term used in backwoods Oklahoma and Arkansas.

She had to nuss the crying baby. Woman, go nuss that baby.

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A vagina with a nutsack.

WOAH! i went to finger betsy but she had a nuss.

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Nuss. The slang word for anal hole, otherwise known as 'arse'. It was derived from the early 1800's and was commonly used throughout Pomland, England.

Living in the past: "Oh deary me, this chair does ache my nuss".

Nowadays: "Ahh man, this totally sucks nuss".

See arse, butt, bunger, faghole, hole, anus, ass, bum


Invented by Kieran O'Callaghan when in Carisbrooke High, on the Isle of Wight, intended to replace any noun whatsoever when at a loss for words, and too lazy to think of the correct one.Adopted by James Ryan excessively, to the point where it became increasingly gay to say it, culminating in the eventual downfall of the aforementioned perpetrator (he grew into a werewolf,developing green teeth)

Pass me the nuss

Have you got any nuss?

I hate this nuss


Filmdirector who is to old to understand new jokes

Youre to much of a Nuss to get it !!


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