What is O?


1. The 15th letter of the English Alphabet.

2. Slang for an "ounce", in reference to drugs.

3. Abbreviation for "orgasm".

4. Abbreviation for "oh".

5. Slang for the work of literature, "Othello", by William Shakespeare, recently cited in the movie "O", a horrible modernization of the Othello story.

1. abcdefghijklmn > O < pqrstuvwxyz

2. Just shmok'd an o, bra. Fo' sho', what's that big floatin' rainbo' doin' flyin' around my space, yo?

3. Why, I just believe I had quite an 'o', dear!

4. O my! That is sooooo kewl!

5. One day Jack walked down to the video store to rent "O". 2 hours later the manager of the store found a mangled copy of "O" stuck sideways into the Tape Return slot.


an ounce

I just smoked a Fucking O, what was I saying?


an ounce

i got an o of some dank shit, we're gonna be really fucked up!

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Abbreviation for ounce, like an ounce of drugs

"Like Krispy Kreme I was cookin' dem O's" Young Jeezy

See ounce, pint, cocaine, weed, marijuana, Mike


The last letter in the Swedish Alphabet.

Ö är sista bokstaven!



Sounds a bit like the i in "girl".

Björk macht schöne Musik.

See Five


A very easy letter to make. Just use your character map, and copy it, then you can paste it anywhere.

Copy: CTRL+C.

Paste: CTRL+V.

Her name is Björk, you ass! Not Bjork!

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