O For Awesome

What is O For Awesome?


A term made popular by the professional heavyweight boxing champion David Tua when he appeared on the New Zealand version of the popular gameshow 'Wheel of Fortune' sometime in the mid 1990's asking to play the letter "'O' - for 'Awesome'" (or 'Orsome', as it must have appeared to David at the time). Whether he asked for an 'A' or an incorrect 'O' he was still incorrect because he was supposed to ask for a consonant, not a vowel. This moment became a classic moment in New Zealand television history, still being talked about years after this moment occured. Many would blame David Tua's mistake on the fact that he has been punched in the head too many times throughout his career, others would blame it on the fact that he is a 'fresh' islander.

The term 'O for Awesome!' has become a positive expression of excitement meaning 'fantastic!' or 'cool!' used by people of many backgrounds throughout the world, with most people unaware of the origins of this term of expression.

Jamal: "Duuude, how was the Star Wars convention?"

Brick: "Mannnn, it was O for Awesome!!"

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