What is O Fucker, Where Art Thou??


1. When you're bored and realise you might as well get off your ass and go look for your asshole friend.

2. Something to ask your asshole friend over the cellphone when you want to meet up.

3. A great movie about by St. John the Baptist De La Salle.

4. When you sober up and realise that your asshole friend ditched you in the middle of a boring party.

1 - Shit the TV is broken. FRAAAANK?! FRAAAANK.

2 - Hey, is Zob there? Zob, that you? O Fucker, Where Art Thou? GET YOUR ASS HERE PRONTO.

3 - The joke is on you guys, the joke is on you! The uppers are leaving and so are you!

4 - Meglhlghlg. Ugh. My head. Where are my pants? FRAAAAAANK.

See o, fucker, brother, art, thou, asshole


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