What is O G?


O G means original gangsta

those tru gangstas from way back in the day that jacked ya and left nothing but you boxers and socks

Biggie and tupac were both OG's

See James White


the original gangsterz from the hood way back.


OG is refering to the pioneers of gangster rap who were in it since the beginning such as Dr Dre, Ice Cube and the late Eazy-E (RIP)

"I stab it like a true no good nigga

should,I do it the way a down OG nigga would" - Eazy E; "still a nigga"

See og, o.g., o.g


A hybrid strain of Of potent marijuana. Often called OG Kush, but O G is Sativa dominant.

If your looking for dank O G, go to the Valley.

See og, og kush, sativa


This peculiar word can be used to describe a "hard" playa from the streets who is pimped out and smooth. O G stands for Old Gangsta or Original Gangsta.

"I keep it real on the streets, I'm a real O.G."



Old Girl originated in Chicago/Midwest meaning your moms or mother.

i.e. "Can I come over to your crib? Only if my O G ain't home."

See moms, mother, mom, mama, ma


a older gang member that has been in his gang for 20years or more who may not b active in gangbangin


YG 1- "cuz tokkie was a real TRIPLE O G"

YG 2-"fukk ya dat nigga was tha O G ov O Gz"

See triple, tookie, gang, member


Means original gangsta. Og's rocked the rap game at its core such og's are Biggie and Pac, Dre and The Game also you could say 50cent and G-unit as well as NWA

Little homies know who the og's are smoking on the c-gar find you up in ER


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