What is O M G?


A internet abbrieviation that has managed to break communication boundaries and is spoken by some in public.

Simply put OMG means, Oh my god!

Person 1: "Look at her outfit, can you believe someone would wear that?"

Person 2: "O M G. , have they even heard of the word fashion."

See omg, o.m.g, internet


In internet chatrooms, Oh My God.

Pronounced oh em gee when spoken aloud.

O M G, that camper pwned everyone in Unreal Tourney!

See oh my god, holy shit, wtf, omfg, omgwtf


When the 1337 internet lingo breaks the boundaries of computers and is incorporated into verbal language.

Woman: I hate you!

Man: "OH EM GEE"!

*punches woman in face*

Man: You love me!


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