O Rly

What is O Rly?


Internet slang, short for "Oh, really?". Used in the following ways; often sarcastic:

1. In response to someone who has said/pointed out something very obvious

2. In response to someone who has insulted you or has aggressively disagreed with you

3. In response to a boring, nerdy comment you don't understand or care about (i.e. a peice of trivia)

4. In response to a comment that seems hard to believe or a lie

Occasionally some will respond to an "O rly?" comment with "ya rly" or "rly", but this is lame and not recommended.

1. A: Dude! Did you see this? There's an eye on the pyramid on the back of all these dollar bills!

B: O rly?

2. A: You're a fucking loser, A Cinderella Story was a shitty movie.

B: O rly.

3. A: Yes, but did you all know that the word "catapult" is of Hungarian and French origin and roughly translates to blah blah blah... ...

B: o rly?

4. A: My aunt is friends with Lindsay Lohan's agent's sister, and she's said that Lindz is totally not a cokehead, so stfu.



A phrase coined on the internet; mainly used to indicate sarcasm or acknowledgement of obviousness. Synonymous with a white snow owl.

"You know, Inspector Gadget sure has a lot of gadgets."

"O RLY?"


The call of the common Surprised Owl of Internet Land. The Surprised Owl lives in a symbiotic relationship with another species, unlike many of it's real world counterparts. The Surprised Owl depends on the call of rarer Unflappable Owl and vice versa to provide mutual acknowlegdement of each others existance, thus reafirming the fact that they continue to exist, and thus perpetuating their existance. For if either owl fails to respond, the other will soon perish and upset the delicate balance that exists in Internet Cliche Kingdom.

The response is not due to inherent lameness but rather through necessity. Many believe in the exist of other owls, especially the Proper Owl, but scientists have continued to discount all evidence.

Suprised Owl: O rly!?

Unflappable Owl: Ya rly!

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Means Oh Really?

Often used with a white owl, occasionally decked out in different costumes for uses such as "Quite Rly" (With a monocle and pipe) Often used for sarcasm or just to be an internet nerd.

#1: The sky is blue.

#2: O RLY?!

#1: Old chap, the sky appears to be quite sapphire today.

#2: Quite rly.

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Used as a verbal equivalent to the body language of the 'raised eyebrow'.

"Sometimes I like to walk around the house naked"

"O rly?"

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Phrase commonly said by a very angry white owl. When the sound is heard, one can expect to have their eyes pecked out.

Often seen with the ya rly and no wai owls.

Person 1: There's an o rly owl that tree over there!

Person 2: o rly?

Person 1: ya rly, that's why my eyes are bloody pulps.

Person 2: NO WAI!!!

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O RLY is simply a shorthand version of "Oh Really" It is often used on the internet to express either doubt or disinterest in something. O RLY is usually followed by YA RLY which is sometimes followed by NO Wai.

O RLY is commonly accompanied by a picture of an owl. The snowy white old was the original I RLY owl, and it started at a message board called 4chan. It's unknown as to why an owl was chosen to represent O RLY. It's probably because an owl's wise, inquisitive eyes are the perfect way to express the dubiety of a situation. The owl KNOWS.

Sometimes it is accompanied with boobies (the bird silly)

"-I say, old bean! I must express my astonishment of your claim!

Is this fact, or a clever ruse?

-I quite understand your disbelief. Sir, however I must say that me previous claim was indeed truthful!

-Great Scott!"

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