O Rly?

What is O Rly??


Sarcasm meaning feigning interest. See o rly owl

jane: oh so i went to the mall and saw heather there and she bought the exact same sweater i had on yesterday.

tom: O RLY?

See owl, rly, sarcasm, really


What owls say when they require clarification of a previous comment.

Person: The USA should not have invaded Iraq as they only did this for the purposes of acquiring access to oil supplies. Other countries such as North Korea are far more secretive and uncontrolled as far as nuclear power are concerned, but they have no oil, so clearly their nuclear capabilities and human rights abuses are irrelevant.

Owl: o rly?

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When someone says something obvious or irrelevant.

Dude 1: Wow, the internet is full of porn!

Dude 2: O RLY?

Dude 1: have you ever known that there were 999 cases of heart attack in a time of 9999999999 seconds in the North Africa?

Dude 2:O RLY?

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Internet slang for Oh really? Made famous by a picture with a snow owl on it saying O Rly, this picture is about a conversation.

O Rly is an internet phenomenon.

Owl 1 : O rly?

Owl 2 : Ya rly!

Owl 3 : No wai!

Owl 4 : Ya srsly!

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Used when in lack of something else to say

Kat: I'm a turkeh and I like haddock.

Matt: ...O RLY?

See rly, ya, rlly, o, oui


1. A phrase that is used when someone says something about another person, usually the person their talking to, and don't know what their talking about

2. Another way of saying "no shit!"

Bob: Frank your the person that robbed that bank yesterday, i saw you

Frank: O RLY???

bob is at the dentist and the dentist is tearing his mouth all up. hurts alot

Dentist: Bob this sure is a lot of blood, i don't like this

Bob: O RLY????

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