O Shit

What is O Shit?


see shit. Pritty much the same meaning

O shit, I forgot my walet.

See snap, oops, wow, fuck


a phrase one uses when one is suprised by something and/or learns/realizes something new that is unexpected. Also used to express oneself during sex.

o shit, what the fuck was that?

o shit, i didn't know she was pregnant.

o shit...oh shit...etc.

See oh my god, wow, oh man, yeah


term used when a person comes to accept that he/she is thoughrly screwed

Kid 1: Dude, you just knocked up Mike Tyson's daughter!

Kid 2: O Shit..... that sucks.

See oops, fucked, fucked up


when you see a girl from far away and think she looks fine but then as she gets closer she looks like a gremlin

Logan- "OOOOOO look at that bitch!"

Cody- "hold up shes gettin closer"

logan- "SHIT shes ugly as fuck!"

Cody- "O shit we gotta go man"

See ugly bitch, nastygirl, fugly, no bitch


o- sugar- honey- ice- tea.

hary" she is a bomb, o shit yes she is."

See shit, honey, oh shit, ice, tea


1. the expression most often used after receiving sexual gratification by a big booty bitch. 2. phrase used while blowin ur load

"o shit u suck a mean dick, o shit o shit.

"o shit sorry "

"o shit that was great"

"o shit i didn't mean to give u that zombie"

See me


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