What is Obamalism?


Obamalism is a crippling psychotic state, in which people fail to recognize Barack Obama as a corporate-sponsored frontman who represents banking interests. This has been accompanied by belief that Obama had intentions of withdrawing American troops from Iraq, associations of Obama with Jesus Christ, and expressions of hysteria upon hearing of Obama's election. In severe cases, victims of Obamalism are immune to treatment with hardcore facts, such as Obama breaking his campaign promise (that he would not appoint any lobbyists to White House positions) by filling the White House with lobbyists.

Related forms:

O⋅ba⋅ma⋅list; noun, adjective

O⋅ba⋅ma⋅list⋅ic; adjective

Do you think the next four years of depression will cure people of Obamalism, and make them realize bankstershave hijacked both the Republican -and- Democratic parties?

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