What is Obese?


The polite way of saying Fat bastard

"Wow Rick waller has a really good singing voice but is obese"


a human sphere, equal in width and height (sometimes more in width than height)

michael moore is obese

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To be unhealthily fat.

Jane was obese. She had huge rolls of fat.

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1) Fat enough to disgust shallow people.

2) Fat enough to make doctors presume that you eat mass quantities of junk food and never exercise--and therefore, prescribe weight loss as a cure for literally anything that ails you.

3) Having a body mass index over 30, regardless of actual body composition.

"Did you know that according to modern medicine, Joe is considered obese?"

"*Snicker.* Tell me exactly how Joe--Mr. Amateur Powerlifter, who's got a *tiny* beer gut--counts as 'obese.'"

"He's 6'4" and weighs 250#. That's all that counts to them."


Obese (adjective) pertains to a person whose BMI (body mass index) equal to 30 or higher. Obesity is described in levels such as "mildly obese" "moderately obese" and "morbidly obese."

Becoming morbidly obese significanly increases one's chances of life threatening conditions and diseases.


circumfencely challenged. someone who doesnt pass from the valletta gate due to huge weight.

Claudette Pace eats so much, that he is obese. Poor guy.


An adjective describing a condition inflicted on a large majority of the population to make the average person seem thinner and more attractive

Man that girl standing next to that 400 pound obese dude is hot!


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