What is Obf?


An abbreviation of the phrase "Official Block Family" - A group of individuals from the "block" who are as close as family. Term coined by basketball star Kevin Garnett.

I'm tight with the OBF.


OBF is actually the acronym of french hiphop crew The Original Black Free which is composed of three members: Flesh ODA, Dallaz Wash & Johnny Sickle. The band was founded in 2005. OBF are characterized by their raw underground music, their peacespreading vibes as well as their anticorporationist lyrics.

"Yo sun, i'm meetin' Dallaz Wash & the obf crew later on today"...

"Always steady We stand up, OBF for life ma nigga".

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OBF stand for Olin Block Family. This is a dangerous gang in South Arkansas in the city of Huttig. The gang territory is from Olin Ave on 10th Street to 16th Street. The gang colors are black and white. Sometimes were red or blue. Some members could be former crips or bloods.

Them OBF niggas is some striaght fuckin goonz.

OBF for life one.

OBF! Up in this bitch and we jiggin'

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Old Best Friend

Person 1 - "Who'd you just wave to?"

Person 2 - "My OBF."

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