Obi Hostel

What is Obi Hostel?


Maybe the world's most fun, entertaining and sizzling party-hostel. Located just south of La Jolla, Pacific Beach and the Mission Bay in San Diego, CA. OBI Standing for Ocean Beach Int'l hostel, it's the place where not just (the majority tho) int'l travelers but also Americans party and have an awesome time staying.

SD tourist: Dude, u got a plan where to crash in SD?

SD'an: Hells yeah bro, go check out the OBI hostel down in OB. It's about a block from the beach and its pier. Make sure u don't wanna sleep in on sunday mornings since they give away champagne for free- if u want some or not:)

SD tourist: That's what I call a good day's beginning- let's go there! Plus I need some practise on my kegstand-skills too;)


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