What is Obie?


The term used to identify students at Oberlin College

Safer Sex Night is a social opportunity for obies to meet one another while learning about the wonderful safety and instructional measures on sex

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To have an Internet domain name, a Facebook username, or any other online identity sniped by somebody else before you can claim it for yourself.

Did you hear what happened to Fernandez? He went to go grab his username and it was already taken. The dude got totally obied!

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The shortening for the Irish surname "O'Brien" etc....

O'Brien = O'B = OBIE.


O'Dyer =O'D= ODIE

an irish man in the pub say's "hey OBIE can you ask ODIE to fill me jug?

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Gay, Likes to get it up the butt, and absolutly loves carlon micheals. They have "fun" nights with eachother.

Also Likes to pretend hes all big and bad and says he gets drunk every night and bones every girl but what he really means is, I'm to much of a wuss and I dont like girls Because they can't Give me something hard and sand papery.

"Ewww look at that Obie! He is all over that Carlon...."

girl: Can't believe he said no...

Friend:Its okay he's probly an obie...

girl: Yea he probly likes it up the butt with something hard and sand papiery! *laughs*

Friend: I bet he's waiting for a carlon!

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a black person who claims they ain't black.

Tiger Woods is such a fuckin obie.

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A phrase originating from the student halls of Swansea Institute meaning goodbye. The term Obie was fabricated from two sources, the first bing another urban term one or 1also meaning goodbye and the other from Obi-Wan of Star Wars; in which the second part of his name sounds like the aforementioned terms.

Someone: Yo, i'll check you later

You: Aight man, obie!

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