What is Obina?


A Brazilian soccer player that currently plays for Flamengo. Obina is often compared to Barcelona's Samuel Eto'o by Flamengo's fans.

The fans of Flamengo also started making Obina facts, just like the Chuck Norrisfacts.

Some Obina facts:

1. Deus perdoa, Obina não (God forgives, Obina doesn't)

2. Se Obina fosse francês, Materazzi não estaria vivo. (If Obina was French, Materazzi would not be alive.)

3. Entre Pelé e Maradona, Obina ganha. (Between Pelé and Maradona, Obina wins.)

4. "Ser ou não ser?" Eis a questão. "Obina." Eis a resposta. ("To be, or not to be?" That is the question. "Obina" Is the answer.)

5. Obina não usa relógio, ele decide que horas são. (Obina does not use a watch, he decides what the time is.)

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