What is Oblivion?


The fourth game in the Elder Scrolls series, and arguably the best game in the history of mankind. By purchasing this game, you have sold your soul to Bethesda Softworks--which is a pretty even trade-off, actually. Once you start this game--assuming your computer/Xbox 360 doesn't burst into flames of righteous fury due to it's lack of uberness-- you will not be seeing the sun for a while.

Side effects include: Weight loss, paleness of skin, weight gain, reluctance to leave your chair, death, peeing in a bottle, ordering pizza every night because you can't stop playing long enough to make some food, loss of the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality

Because of Oblivion, I no longer have a soul!

God bless BethSoft for this gift to man.

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digital crack....the real good kind

Man I haven't had an oblivion fix in like six hours...i'm freaking out man

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The fourth game in "The Elder Scrolls" video game series. "The Elder Scrolls: Arena", "The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall", and "The Elderscrolls III: Morrowind" are the other games in this series. Currently "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" has not been released yet.

"I just finished arena. You wanna come over and make a character?" "Daggerfal rocks! You want to make a character? You can be a werewolf and stuff..." "Morrowind is like crack! You want to smo- I mean make a character?" "I would like to purchase a copy of Oblivion for the Nintendo 64" Said bob, the customer. "What are you smoking? It's only coming out on the PC and Xbox 360 *Note they might put it on PS3 latter on* And, it's not out yet!" Shouted the 38 year old pedophile clerk.


1. n. State of unawareness

2. n. a 2006 game in the Elder Scrollsseries. The largest and best game to date

3. n.> A hell-like alternate universe in the game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

4. n. A death sentence for your computer

1. She's in oblivion when I talk to her about the war in Iraq, it seems she just dont care

2. Wanna come to my house and play Oblivion. Expect to not see the sun for a few months, though.

3. Near the beginning of the game, you have to close a gate to Oblivion.

4. I got Oblivion for my computer, and it exploded when I started it.

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The game in which you have to sell your mate to afford a computer good enough to run the game at high

Dammit, I still get 15 FPS on max settings in oblivion with my two X1900 XTXs!!!!

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A game coming out in hopefully a few months. If it is anywhere near as addictive as its predeccesors, I doubt i will see the Sun for the entire summer. for information on the amazingness of the game, go to elderscrolls

I need to find a way to somehow talk to my girlfriend and still fit in 12 hours of playing oblivion a day


a state of unawareness or total disconnection from whats going on. social oblivion means being completely distant from everyone socially, like what happens to a guy/girl when he/she is dumped because basically everyone forgets him/her

"Hey, have you seen Noah lately?"

"No man, he's totally in a state of social oblivion. must be 'cause he broke up with Holly the other day."

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