What is Oblivious, Unmindful[/m]?

1: "Look, he

failed the test again, what a fagget"

2: "Thats REALLY funny... fagget"

3. "My computer is being a fagget" bitch

4. "My dog is a fagget"


Hah, A retarded nerd/geek spelling of faggot.

DuDe That kid with all the hot girls and a huge penis is a FAGGET!


queer, homo, homosexual, gay person, a person relating to gayness, a sausage slicer, butt pirate, ass goblin, meat muncher, wanker wanter, shlong song singer, anal police, faggot, fag, pole rider, sausage smoker, fairy, cumguzzler, cock rocker,

mike yegge, tyler lutyens, ryan mccan, richard simmonds


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