What is Oc?


Slang term for the drug oxycontin

Hey, man, you got any more of those OCs?


Someone who, whether conscious of it or not, is living a life similar to those on the television show, The OC. It is a derogatory term for those who are living (or attempting to live) the 'high life.' This person is loosely reminiscent of a prep.

Son: I'm thinkin' of gettin' one of those mp3 players

Father: Well-

Son: But I don't want an Ipod 'cause I don't wanna be an OC

Father: I'm proud of you son

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Meaning 'other character.' Used by fanficauthors to describe a pairing with a chracter from another series or from their own crazed minds.

I can't believe that author did that! Pairing Superman with an OC? Thhat's not romantic at all!


Stands for "original character." A character created by a fanficauthor or roleplayer. Said created character does not belong to the canoncast but is inserted anyway for entertainment.

Many OCs appear as long-lost family members, past lovers, or exchange students. These background stories provide alibis for the sudden appearance and previous absences of the OC.

OC may also stand for "other character," in this case representing an extremely minor character, introduced or mentioned but not extremely active in an original series.

I was reading a person's fanfic the other day. It was centric of their OC, but the original character they made up was pretty cool, so I didn't mind.

Ayame is an "other character" from Naruto.

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OC: abbreviation for Orange County, California.

We're off to OC tomorrow to have fun at Disneyland.

See Daniel


Out of Control.

Can be used to describe something crazy, extreme, frantic, or wild.

Your OC man! You slapped that bitch.

Man that party was OC.

Stop acting OC man.


An overly used term to describe the county "Orange County" located in the southern part of California between Los Angelos and San Diego. "OC" is indeed overrated, I live here and its nothing like how it is depicted in the show "the OC". I work for every penny I have, I live in a 1/5 acre house, hot girls aren't around every corner, not everyone is blond, there is a huge infestation of Bro's, Emo's and boarder hoppers, Every Home Depot has at least 5 poses of illegal Mexicans looking for labor, Not everyone surfs because you cant surf without wearing a wet suit because the beaches are cold, and full of trash and tourists... Not that I'm complaining, it just bothers my that people say "the OC" instead of OC. Because its not really that special, just the weather is nice.

Oh, and if you want to see Exactly how big of a house I have, google earthsearch "Orange Rounty Rossmoor"

OC used to be a fun place to live, but the show "the OC" ruined everything, because now everyone wants to come here just to be disappointed. And then they leave their trash behind on all of our beaches.

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