What is Ocean?


A body of water which has continuosly assaulted humanity by way of sharks, tsunamis, and bermuda triangles.

We need to kill the ocean, before it is too late.


The big blue wet thing

Jeez, fucking ocean!


slang term for the narcotic painkiller Oxycontin or the narcotic Oxycodone.

"Hey Jeff you think we can cop some Ocean?"

"Yo Williams why don't you make a run for some Oceans!"

"Dawg I fucking fiending for some Ocean."


A drink made from hairspray, which is high in alcohol content, but tastes like crap. Common among american and canadian indians

Hey Ernie... Don't bogart that Ocean!

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the big blue wet thing "pun on muppets"

oh... the big blue wet thing. ocean

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That Big Shit Blue thing that spoils 75% of the Earths surface.

Residents will agree, as they are usually

Sharp, Poisonous and Pissed Off.

Made up of mostly the useless version of 'water'

Low tide, high tide, i mean WTF , make up your mind.

I hate it, It puts sand in my vagina.


Pooh Bear: Yo tigger my nigger, Lets go for a surf in the ocean

Tigger: But it's low tide..?

Pooh Bear: Ahh For Shit Sake!

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A word to describe groups of attractive and possibly scanitly clothed men/women at the University of Pittsburgh. Often used in conjuction with "The Beach" which describes the location of the group of attractive people.

"Lets go to the Beach and check out the ocean"

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