What is Ock?


Old Philly term replaced by dawg, nigga, god, son, etc...

What up ock?


Short for Akbar. Akbar means 'great' as in " Allah ackbar" (God is great) but also refers to King Akbar of India, 'Akbar the Great'. Also, and in this case, an akbar is a great man and the shortened form, ock, was adopted into the Hip Hop lexicon from the Five Percent Nation (see five percenter, an offshoot of the Nation of Islam. Calling someone ock means they're a good guy, a friend (also see god).

"Got a cutter for the box if a kid think he's ock" -- Q-tip, 'God Lives Through'

"Come on now, Ock, What you expect? Got a month's paycheck danglin' off your neck" -- Mos Def, 'Got'


"Ock" - noun. an Americanized version of the Arab word "Ahkhee" which means (literally) "my brother". "Ahkhee" is difficult to say unless you are a native Arabic speaker and thus it is pronounced "Ock-kee", which then gets shortened to "Ock."

it is a term used mostly by African Americans and African American Muslims in urban areas.

Whaddup ock, whuz good?

...chillin ock, how you livin?

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its ya nigga, ace, homie, boy, or sometimes a straight stupid fuck

1. SUP OCK, whats good baby????

2. DAMN OCK, You's a dumb fuck!!!!

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Known as the One Cup King or One Cup Killa. When someone is very skilled at hitting the final cup in a game of beer pong.

That boys the OCK, he always hits the last cup

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An derogatory term for high school students in an occupational rather than academic program.

Ironically, most academic students will use little of the math and science they studied in high school.

You ock! You can't use shampoo in a washing machine.

See education, slur, insult, trade


Originally, used to describe the black and white checkered pattern popular amongst emos. However, today it has been altered to fit any black and white pattern including stripes and polka-dots.

Origin: The black and white kitchen tiles, cow patterns and tea cups in the home of Ock and Nick and Marnie.

"Check out my new ock slip-on shoes"


"For our bathroom I think we're going for ock .. all over."

"Ock style? Stylish!"

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