What is Oconomowoc?


(pronounced O-con-o-mo-wok)

An Indian word that originally meant "falling water", currently the name of a mid-sized town in southern Wisconsin, almost directly inbetween Madison & Milwaukee.

Oconomowoc is best known for its unique & unpronounceable (to those outside of Wisconsin) name. Geographically, it's a beautiful town with more than its fair share of lakes, parks & beautiful homes. Socially, it's a stereotypical Lynchian nightmare of seething angst & frustration which bubbles just below the surface. Anyone who believes that Americans do not embrace class prejudice (like our British cousins) are invited to spend some time there to see first-hand just how important one's tax-bracket is to their community standing.

It also helps to be a staunch Catholic, but in word, not deed.

Dave: I'm going fishing.

Pat: Where?

Dave: Oconomowoc Lake.

Pat: Be sure you've got your fishing license, dude. They'll actually come out to your boat & ask to see it.

Dave: Fuckin' fish Nazi's.

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