What is O.d?


Over Dose. Mostly used in the slang way as in, it went past the limit:

That was O.D when the police killed the innocent lady.


Over Doing it

the way jesus got beat was o.d

See Eric


Overdose. When a person takes to much of a drug, or drugs, and thier body can not handle it. Overdosing does not always include death. Overdose to some Prescription drugs may just be severe reactions such as Siezures, Confusion, and Nausea and if not looked after right away; Death.

Drug overdose's are sometimes caused on purpose to commit suicide, or self harm. Many drug overdose's with prescription drugs are cause by misreading of labels written by a pharmacist.

Narcotic Drug overdose can be caused by irresponsible behaviour towards the drug, or the intense addiction of the drug.

Jim Morrison O.D 'd on Heroin that he thought was cocaine at the time. The Doctors tried to revive him by putting him in a bathtub. Morrison died because his body did not react to Heroin the same, but his girlfriend at the time, being a heroin addict could have taken what he had, and be alive.

See overdose, jim morrison, narcotics, suicide


Over done,more than need.

Yo why u always o.d on her. Man u just o.d big time


overused slang for overdone, don't use it, because you might get in trouble with crystal latty for using HER word, see beastin, also O.D. wallace

Crystal, maybe you're dad didn't make that card

O.D, you beastin, thats dirrty, cant he be creative


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