What is Oergnuerk?


Pronounced: Err-G-Nerk. The word used to shut off conversation when you are talking about what you are interested in, eg favorite music artists, songs or whatever, because a tag along is around or evesdropping. This tag along unco dropkick poser that everyone hates and pays out will hear what you are speaking about, and before you know it, will claim to be the biggest fan of, say, a quality music group unrecognised by the mainstream and never involved in the rotation of the unco dropkicks favorite radio station,i98 fm. He will download every single song of that music groups that he possibly can off limewire and slap them on his 60 gigabyte iPod, and hardly ever to be heard unless you happen to be near when he asks you "Hey man,have you heard dis song, its good bro" and you're like "Nah, i havent heard it" and immediately remove the headphone he shoved into your ear. He will claim to be a lifelong fan of that group and any knowledge he has off that group will have been obtained via google search. Oergnuerk is the word to say to end converstation of anything you dont want a poser to know about. The poser type is not smart enough to detect what is going on if you do say this word.

Boy 1:Hey, have you heard that song by...

Poser walks in room

Boy 2: OERGNUERK!!!! (Cutting Boy 1 off, preventing him from finishing his sentence and mentioning the song or music artist/group.)

Boy 1: SOOO how bout those Mets???

See poser, dropkick, unco


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