Offbeat Model

What is Offbeat Model?


n. While the premise of a glamor shot is typically both nonsensical and cinematic, the offbeat model takes this art house film ridiculousness to new heights.

offbeat modeling v. The act of being an offbeat model. Popularized by MySpace angle photos and hipsters.

Examples of offbeat modeling are:

-Wearing a sloppy outfit that just sort of hangs off the body.

-Lifting the arms in awkward positions as if balancing on a tightrope.

-Turning head 340 degrees back and 20 degrees down to gaze at the heel of your shoes.

-Looking very, very lost.

That offbeat model looks like she's been crucified for wearing her Boyfriend's Rugby in a Forbidden Zone.

See pretentious, urban outfitters, artsy, fashionista, model, offbeat model


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